R.I.P. Chloe, my favorite chicken


9 Years
Apr 3, 2010
The Canyons of Nevada
Last night my Cinnamon Queen Chloe passed away. she was the first chicken i picked out at the feed store, and was part of my initial flock. she was our top layer, having been the first to lay an egg at 4 months old. She laid an egg close to every day since, even some double yolks around 5-6 months old. She was the first chicken to like me, and i never had a problem catching her again. she always ran up to me when she saw me, and if she couldn't see me i could call and she would come running. her favorite treat was corn on the cob.she loved flying and liked me holding her and petting her. she was the best flyer, she could always land her flights. she would always come right up to you and want you to pet or hold her, and like i said, the first to do that. i always felt she distanced herself a little from the flock, because sometimes she would be standing eating something and the rest of the chickens would be somewhere else. she always seemed to have a special bond with me. sometimes she would fallow me and even when i told her to go play with the other chickens, she kept following me. She was my favorite chicken from the start, which is ironic because the chicken i actually picked out to be my favorite chicken constantly pecked me when i wasn't looking. I miss Chloe but im so glad to have started with such a good chicken. had my first chicken been the one that pecks me, i might have givin up on chickens, thinking they are just mean birds. I've been thinking that maybe God sent her as my "trainer Chicken" to train me on raising a chicken. she was always nice to me, and like i said she did all the firsts. she was also my first chicken to pass away. I never thought i would give a chicken a bath in the house, but 2 years ago i never thought i would have chickens, period.
I am pretty sure she passed away due to being egg bound, and we didnt catch it on time. she passed away last night peaceably in her sleep








EDIT: Cross i made on her grave. more pics on my last post
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