R.i.p Mr Duck


8 Years
May 1, 2011
mr duck was due to hatch on sat and he didnt so on tues i put a small hole in the air sac shell to see what was the matter he was shrink wrapped so i opened the hole a little bigger to see were his beak was as put a small whole for him to breath i spent two days gently damping the membrain for him and slowly he started to appear last night he very nearly was completely out the shell but his morning i went to check on him and he had passed away he had absorbed all but a tiny bit if the yolk so i dont know what happened to him

i could never of helped him if i didnt have the help from a great person on here on the other side of the world in oz duckyfromoz thank you so much for the help you have given me and the chance we gave mr duck
Very sorry to hear about your little duckling. Sounds like you did your very best and gave him every chance. It's a terrible shame that he wasn't strong enough to make it.
For Mr Duck, they are just so tiny, Sometimes so resilient- and others so fragile. It never matters how many I hatch- I always cry when one doesnt make it after getting so close to hatching. You did so much to try and ensure the little one had a chance to survive. You did your best- and there is nothing more you could have done. I didnt help...I just held your hand along the way. You gave him a chance- that he would not have had if you didnt do what you did for him. As sad as it is that he didnt make it, you have been touched by his spirit, and it will always be with you.
sorry for your loss!!
duckyfromoz is really amazing. i love her to death. she is my bff!!!

and ducky sorry i miss your call last night.. i was really mad at myself because i love my calls from australia!
Don't feel bad-you hung in and did everything you could to help him into the world.
It has been a REALLY tough hatching year for ducklings this year. Many of us have experienced this same type of thing this hatching season.
It's hard not to get attached to the little darlings-even in the shell.

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