R.I red with scab spots on bottom of both feet

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    2 1/2 year old red.Late this afternoon I went in coup because I noticed she was not around the other chickens this evening.When I inspected her she has a pea sized spot on the bottom of each foot,thought it was just some poop at first,but it kind of looks like a small dark scab.When I set her down outside she was limping some but seemed fine otherwise.Did not look like there was any swelling.Anybody have any idea what this might be and how I might treat her.I have been gone the last few days most of the day but I think she also did not come out yesterday either. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP!
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    Quote:There is a chance it's bumblefoot. If you do a search on it on the boards you will find pics as well as how to treat it. Good luck!
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    Sounds like bumblefoot. I just had to treat a couple hens for this a few days ago. It went well thanks to my fellow BYCers. Bumblefoot is a staph infection-it is contagious so keep her separated from the flock until she is better. There are many many threads on here (including mine) about bumblefoot and how to treat it. Good luck and I hope you find something.

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