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My mini lop doe just had her first baby...over night on wednesday, so, two days ago...she began pulling fur on Monday and we kept an eye on her sure she was ready, Tues she was backed in the corner of her hutch where she usually goes to the bathroom and it looked like she was contracting!? I also noticed two small spots of blood in the tray under the wire.
I watched her for a while and she would grunt and could see her body contracting...I gently encouraged her into the nest box...she was not happy about being touched... we lefted her alone and went back out a few hours later and she was in the corner on the wire again doing the same thing...I was concerned about her birthing on the wire so I moved her into the nest again.
On Wed morning she was square in the middle of the nest with one babe in the hay next to her dead and it looked as though she had eaten part of it. At that time I was not sure if she had more babies under her or what. I got my husband to come and take a look and we removed the dead baby. She was not too happy about that.
I came back an hour later and moved her aside to see if there were more babies, nothing and she had begun to poop in the nest. I scooped out the soiled hay and fur and left her alone. Most of this did not surprise me as it is her first pregnancy and all. But now she will not leave the nest. She doesn't want to be touched much less picked up...she does not appear to be eating or leaving the nest area... Not sure what to do for her at this point??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and any other rabbit sites you can recommend would be great. Thanks
The first baby may have been a peanut baby, my rabbit had one last year and did the same thing. But she did not give birth to the rest of them till 24hrs after the first one. I actually had to laugh cause it was 2:00 in the morning and my husband got out of bed and went downstairs, so I went to see wht h was doing and he said the rabbits butt was squeaking
unfortunately I could not contain my laughter as I lifted her hind leg to show him its was a baby and not her butt making that noise...lol, anyways some rabbits will eat their babies if it is their first litter, some rabbits are also not good mothers and will do it every time.
I hope you do get babies soon and shes a good mom to them
good luck
I used to raise rabbits (300+) and I agree that some rabbits are not good mamas. You could give her another chance, but unless there is a reason that you just have to breed her, I would breed another doe instead.
WE have raised & shown rabbits for almost 20 yrs. Sometimes when the does have a difficult kindling they will pull the kit (baby) if it gets stuck & sometimes they pull/have to hard making partly dead kits. First litters can sometimes be difficult for youg first time does, we are building our Blue-Eyed White Jersy Wolly line back up & had a doe that lost her first 3 litters in a roll before she had success so don't give up on her yet unless she continues to loose the litters. First time does are not that uncommon to loose first litters same as its not uncommon to be successful their first litters either. Just give more time to try again. Also try to palpate her or take her to a knowledgeable breeder to make sure that she is not still carrying babies.

The ARBA site is a good place to start & look for a club in your area that could help

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