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Apr 27, 2011
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Well this is what I do other than have some chickens
Thought many of you would enjoy this:

The Showroom Floor:


Well over 1000 rabbits and 250 exhibitors. We were in a HUGE barn in the Vermont State Fair grounds.

Jersey Woolies TAKE ME TO THE SHOW!


Judge "setting up a rabbit" basically he's posing it for evaluation. He runs his hands over it, evaluates the fur, bone, and over all type/conformation:


A very cute Siamese Sable buck Jersey Wooly:


Judging Netherland Dwarf you will notice they're all lined up in those "coops" they get ranked in there. This particular breed gets shown by colors, then by the group. So for example Self Group is: Black, Chocolate, Lilac, and Blue. So they compete against the same color, then the best of those colors compete against each other for group.




Linda Cassella, a great friend holding one of her English Angoras....and yes, that is where high quality angora wool comes from. The rabbit looks enormous, but in reality it's only 5.5 pounds.


Best in Show Choosing (Linda's English Angora won):

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What show was that? The REW Linda has ... is it the lady she won ARBA with (and shaved a couple weeks back) or "Mini Mee" as she jokingly calls her?
That was actually another rabbit. The doe Linda won with at Convention she put "in the freezer" which is an extremely temperature controlled part of her rabbitry. It allows the rabbit to hold coat and keep condition so they aren't constantly reproducing more and more wool.

I give her a TON of credit. She's easily one of the most savvy and determined breeders I've ever met. Her animals truly are almost flawless.

Edit: The show was in Rutland VT
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Okay ... so that is the youngster I saw last time we visited. She has matured nicely from the pix. The convention winner was sheared a couple weeks ago. Linda is awsome, a great friend ... she was originally from here.
I love shows!!! We are getting ready to hit the circuit this fall with our French Angora jr. doe.


As soon as the two adult, who already have grand championships grow out completely they are going too!!!

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