Rabbits have coccidia, can it be transmitted to my clucks?

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  1. Just found out from the vet that all of our Holland Lops have coccidia. I'm now concerned because all of my animals are idiots and eat each other's poop. Can this be transmitted to chickens who have ingested the poo of the rabbits, dogs or tortoises? Do I need to get everyone in the urbanclucker farm on antibiotics? I can't seem to find any definitive info on the risks associated with inter-species transmission other than that some forms of the parasite will infect other animals and some won't.

    I'm also concerned about how the heat will impact them if they're potentially exposed to coccidia, as we're going to be above 115F all next week here in Phoenix.

    Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    No. Not generally speaking.

    Coccidia (protozoa) are species specific. (Even between poultry types...ducks, turkey, chicken).

    So your dog can't catch it from your chickens or your rabbits or vice versa.

    That's not to say that you shouldn't pick up poo and discourage the, uh, "gourmet" selection...as eColi and Salmonella cross species...but they normally won't get coccidiosis from another species.

    ETA: and the heat can cause another layer of immune attack that might cause lurking coccidia, for each species, to populate. Coccidia require moisture and warmth to populate well. With the high heat, you've also got bacterial challenges.

  3. Thanks for the info! The Heat has me concerned enough, even though I know I'm doing everything I can for the girls aside from bringing them in the house for a week (not happening). Not having to stress as much about this on top of it is helpful. :)

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