Rabid Raccoon - buried it today


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Feb 7, 2011
Lantana, Florida
Thank you NanaJune, that reply was especially helpful. Now I'll just continue my work and forget about obsessing over those cootie germs! He's dead and buried. Plus we had a wonderful downpour last night, to wash away anything left of his saliva or whatever.

I wonder where I could look up the number of rabies cases in my county? Then I'd quadruple it, to account for the ones they don't address -


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Aug 27, 2010
Central Fla
Quote:coon share a number of diseases that dogs and cats can have plus parasites that can put them in really bad shape all the ones I handle I use rubber gloves of some sort , the being out in the daytime does not bother me the nocturnal thing is kina a urban legend it is more about when there are no humans around and anymore the way houses are being stacked on top of each other and in places that only wildlife lived before . Here there was a series of drainage ditches/canals from where a farm used to be so when they built houses there the folks who moved in have problems with nutria rat ( coypu ) LOL imagine that

Our dog once fought a Nutria, it wasnt pretty !


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May 25, 2009
Yeah, the nocternal thing is BS - just because an animal is out during the day does not automatically make it rabid. Many are just looking for food or moving about b/c they were disturbed. Had a raccoon that lived in a storm drain up the street until someone saw it out during the day - and it was promptly shot. The drain probably just had water in it and it was looking for somewhere else to go. I had seen it many a time - going in and out of the drain - rather funny actually. It was acting perfectly normal, looked healthy ... no cause to shoot it. People freak out too easily - especially those city folk who move to the country and don't understand that they moved into an area that has more wildlife. "oh please shoot the coyote - so they don't eat my chiuaua" - sorry, but you moved into the coyotes home. Keep your rat/dog inside if you don't like it.

Now the fox I saw a few years back - that was another story. It had either been hit by a car and was in sad shape or it was seriously ill. Glad it didn't hang around - figure it probably died a few days later somewhere.

But, if I saw a coon like that I'd be skeptical for sure. Maybe rabies, maybe not - but I wouldn't want it have it spreading what ever it was it had and animal control, if not able to deal with it, should have given you the proper people to call.
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