Raccoons got in... MY house!


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Somerset, CA
So, as I usually do in the morning... I headed outside to feed the horses, llamas, goats, et al, and for some reason turned and looked back at the house. One of the 2nd story window screens was hanging OUTSIDE of the window, dangling over DH's motorcycles.

Head back into the house to see what the two 19 year old "city-kitties" who live in that room have been up to. (They're too old and not predator saavy enough to be allowed outdoors). I get inside their room and see this on the windowsill...


I put my car keys there to show how much poop there was.

There's NO way something could get in through the 2nd story window as there's no eave overhead, no trees to climb, no trellis... nada. So, the only other option is that something, and I'm guessing raccoon, came in through the clerestory windows! During the summer we leave one opened just a tiny bit to vent the hot air in that room and provide a bit of ventilation. The critter had to come in through the window and drop about 15 feet to the floor. Not being able to exit the way it came in, it punched out the screen and jumped... landing on DH's Harley!

So, while my chicken coop and run have proven to be predator proof (so far!), my own home isn't! I dug around in the basement and pulled out the live trap. When DH gets home I'm going to ask him for something other than my shotgun. One way or another this thing's gonna be a goner. Either that or I'm going to sleep out in the coop/run with the chickens and ducks
ewww I hope ya get this thing!
I had a bad run in with a coon about 4 years ago while sleeping out in a tent while we had a yard sale (had to sleep out there so people wouldnt steal our stuff) anyway, a coon came in there after my cat while I was asleep and jumped right on my head, the weight of it woke me, and the blood filling my eyes made it so i couldnt see what it was, the girl sleeping in there with me said she saw a huge coon run out after it bounced off my face!! I have the 2 inch scar across my nose to prove it!! So becareful and hopefully it doesnt come in while you are sleeping!
darn, but raccoons are ingenious. Make sure every opening is secured shut and then some. I've even seen them pry loose vent covers. We had a problem with raccoons, last year, and the little burglars were even trying to jimmy my screen door!

I had to nail shut the cat door, as they were coming in that way, and my cats were battling to "hold the passes" every night. I kept finding raccoons in the house until I nailed everything shut that I could.
Raccoons are something else! I used to have them in town, first they got the cat food, then they started eating the cats, then they came in the house through the screens after the cat food, then they came in the house through the screens after the cats, the cat food, then the cupboards. I had to lock up the windows, the cats, everything! Good luck with your situation!
Thanks for asking... the cats were fine. I've been surprised in the past to see a raccoon on our 2nd story deck right next to one of my barn cats. All chummy... no fur flying.

I'm careful to bring in the feral cat food at night and lock up the barn cats that I can catch. One or two just don't like to be handled.

I just finished putting a piece of pvc pipe in the window runner so even if the raccoon can pry the window open, the pipe will prevent the window from sliding open.

Dang... I sleep with two windows open in our bedroom all the time. I know the window screens wouldn't even slow them down.

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