Racoon attack last night... left one Muscovy duckling alive, but injured. Please help!


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Apr 27, 2017
I had four 6 week old Muscovy ducklings out in (what I thought was) a very secure enclosure. The raccoons attacked and somehow got 3 and injured my last one. Please see pic. He seems fine. Can walk and is chirping, but the wing is what concerns me. Also some of the injuries are pretty deep and I would like to know what I can do for this little guy. It does appear that a chunk is missing from his wing so not sure if he'll ever be able to fly. Any advice is appreciated. Please no negative comments, I am completely distraught about this and have learned a valuable lesson...

Thanks in advance!


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Clean the wound and put neosporin on the wound, if you haven't already. Give him some gatorade/powerade water. It has electrolytes in it to help him recover from shock. It may also be a good idea to put a mirror or stuffed animal in there to help keep him from being lonely. We had something similar happen to some chicks we had, and none of them died from the wounds or trauma, despite losing parts of their toes, and in one case, nearly all of her toes. Birds are very resilient :)
Wow I can't tell ya how much better that makes me feel! Thank you so so much! I will do all of that. Appreciate the help!

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