Racoon nabed duck, now we only have one boy - what to do?


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Jan 15, 2010
I haven't seen a recent thread on this... or maybee i'm just too distraught, but i just don't know what to do here.

I've raised these two fine boys from a time where they would sleep in the pockets of my jacket.
I unfortunately got in a little late tonight to see one of the boys (don't know who yet) being dragged away.
I got the other guy locked up safe but he's quiet and lonely. He's never spent three minutes alone without his brother.

I know he's going to be bummer town for a while. what do we do?
a New adult duck? Male/female?
Raise new ducklings and hope he accepts them in two months when the chickies are large enough?

We have three lady chickens but they're always kept separate from the ducks...boy did those boys love team-raping those chickens, will it be no longer?
Might we count on the chickens to fill in the social void left by the missing duck?

any help is appreciated.


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Mar 14, 2009
Springfield, OR
I'm so very sorry.. The exact same thing happened here last year. My remaining drake became attached to a couple of hens after that and now thinks he's a chicken. A lone duck will usually bond to another animal if it loses a partner (in the past I've seen them follow dogs around), but giving him a friend of his own kind would obviously be the best solution. I finally found another drake buddy for mine last week and ended up with a package deal including a duck setting on 15 eggs. Didn't plan on that! The new ducks would have nothing to do with my boy for the first couple of days, but now they're following each other around and sleeping together. I don't separate the ducks from the chickens, and even though my drake is clearly happy with his new friends he still loves the hens.

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