Rain and Frizzles


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Jun 26, 2016
Louisville, KY
I have a 6 week old Frizzle who is in a coop. Is it ok for her to be out of it rains?? Her feathers do not lie down like that rest of them do. Is it ok for 5-6 week old chicks to be in rain at all???
Rain won't hurt your frizzle unless it's really cold, than it will just be cold. Some chicks have the sense to go inside when it rains and others don't, so you will have to check. It won't hurt them, especially in the summer. I read that frizzles are less hardy but that hasn't been my experiences, they do fine in our brutal winters, sometimes -20. And handle summers easy. So don't worry about your cute little chick.
I've read that too and was worried. It started pouring here. We put all the chicks out in the coop/run bc they are feathered out and getting big. I went and put a tarp over the run so they wouldn't get soaked and could eat while staying dry. Mine are just babies and don't know to go in the coop to roost at sundown and then in the morning to come down the ramp to eat, etc. I'm working on teaching them to be chickens. I was super worried about the frizzle after what I've read. That's for your advice.
I've had Cochin frizzles for about 8 years, they are goofy little chickens that feel nice to touch. Are yours cochins? I adore mine.

Here's a few of mine.
I have a scissor beak chicken that needs her "chicken grits" (chick food with warm water to make a mash). That's what's in the bowls. All the chicks eat off it as well as their dry chick food so I have to make a lot of it.
Does she have feathered legs? I had a cross beaked silkie once, she did pretty good with an occasional trim. Some are fine and some need help, it does depend on how severe it is and how spunky the chicken is. Very cute.

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