Raised or Ground Level Coop?

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    Getting ready to purchase building plans. What are the plus and minuses of having your coop floor at ground level versus raised in a hutch-type coop? We would like to try the deep litter method--not sure if that makes a difference. In case it matters: We're starting out with 5 or 6 birds but will probably get up to about 15. They'll be mostly in the coop/run but can run around the yard when we're there to scare away predators. Woodsy property--every predator you can imagine. Temp ranges from 10-100, usually 35-85. Thanks!
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    How large are you planning to make your coop? General dimensions? Our first coop was raised off the ground with a run underneath. It was small for only a few chickens. We currently have an 8 x 12 coop. It is still elevated off of the ground a bit due to the slope of the ground. (hardware cloth skirts the bottom with pavestones surrounding. I really prefer the larger/ground level coop. -also seems as if it might be easier to turn the litter in a larger ground level coop. I am not an expert regarding deep litter, so others that use the deep litter method will have more insightful suggestions.
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    I use a raised coop and think the new larger coop building this year will be raised as well. Unless your going to build a shed then there is no need to have it on the ground. Raised it provides shade and a place to hang your feed and water. Wire three sides and it adds to overall run space. A large coop in shed construction would be nice to store feed, have space to brood chicks and what have you but if your staying medium size then a hutch/coop is the way to go. Cheaper to build and holds as many birds per sqft as a walk through shed.

    I'd not buy plans. Here is a good detail for Purina's raised hutch coop. You can change it up but general construction is laid out for you and is easily made 8X4 dimensions.

  4. Egghead_Jr

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    Oct 16, 2010
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    Keep in mind if your planning on deep liter you'll want all openings 6 inches or more from constructed floor.
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    My coop is 8X16', and it is raised SPECIFICALLY so I can see what's going on under there. Mice, rats and all kinds of pests really love a dark hidden space to set up housekeeping of their own. They have the best of all worlds under a coop sitting directly on the ground. Hidden/unseen safe place to live. Free food over head, just a chewed hole away. You don't want that, so raise it up.
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    Rats like to live anywhere they can get under that is secure to them. The ground is the coldest place for the chickens so I'd say raise it up at least 12" to 18" off the ground. Just be sure to have adequate ventilation for the hot air the birds expel to escape and have it above the birds heads so they aren't in a direct draft, otherwise they will get frost bite. Have fun building your coop and post it on BYC when you're done so we can all see it.
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    I like raised for chickens, the vermin being part of it but also i have found the chickens make wonderful dust bath areas under the coops.. stays drier there and in case of the one coop, we hang a small feeder under it.

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