raising a duckling with a slipped tendon

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Hi everybody, greetings from sunny Lincolnshire UK.

    I have a 6 week old duckling with what I suspect is a slipped tendon. He had great trouble in hatching and I had to peel away lots of shell. He was laying in an almost impossible position and his back seemed crooked. i really didn't expect him to live. Against the odds, he has made good progress. Although smaller than his fellow hatchlings, he is chirpy, feeds and drinks well and his body is now quite straight. Unfortunately, he has I think a slipped tendon. I tried to deal with this in the way suggested on the forum, but I suspect the tendon is too loose and would not stay in place. I am giving him multi vitamins hoping this might help. He can straighten the leg out and I have noticed that he can use it to scratch the top of his head when grooming. He just does not seem to be able to put weight on it for long although I have seen him stand up on his toes to flap his wings briefly. The joint is definately enlarged, but not stiff and I can straighten it out. My questions are these:

    Can I still tape this joint and could it be beneficial? if so, how would I do this? Should I just use surgical tape and wrap it around the joint and above and below?
    Should I be using a specific vitamin instead of multi vits?
    When he eventually goes outside, how can I protect his leg so that he doesn't rub a sore on it?
    Has anyone out there successfully raised a duck or chicken with a slipped tendon and what special adaptions/ considerations did they make in the way of housing etc.?

    Thank you everyone, I so enjoy reading other people's news and advice, as apart from two rescue ducks and 7 ducklings we have 4 ex-battery hens, that are just coming right, an assortment of 'cast off ' dogs, a horse and two miniature shetland ponies.

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