Raising a single duckling! Help!

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May 18, 2017
Hello!! I just got a new duckling earlier today, she is a welsh harlequin, about a week old. I am raising her without any buddies, but ive seen online that a duckling needs a friend. I dont know a ton about ducks but I know a bit. Unfortunately i do not have a heat lamp for her, so she has 2 normal lamps aiming into her duck house. She constantly has food and water, a stuffed animal, a mirror, a bowl big with water big enough for her to get into that is warm, she has a heating pad, a warm water bottle, and some cloths. I change her house frequently, I use pine shavings,but she hasnt been eating them which is good. She sleeps in a kennel beside my bed with all the same stuff thats in her house but not the lamps, i put a blanket over her kennel and i spend most of my day with her, she runs around my room and naps on me and cuddles, but is that enough? i recently had a different duckling die and i raised her the same way, there were no signs of why she would die and im worried about my new duckling dieing as well. Any suggestions?


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The duck folks should know best. But you may want to check out the thread,
"show us your house ducks." Yes people do have a duck for pet
Ducklings need heat. Your passed duckling could have gotten too cold for reason of death, or poor nutrition. As for your new duckling, try buying a heating lamp. Your house may seem hot or perfect temp for you, but ducklings need to have a heat source of 90-95 degrees F. Ducklings need this temperature for the first week or so and lower the heat by 5 degrees each week until duckling is 6 weeks and no longer needs a heat source unless temps are below 70 degrees. Ducklings should always be raised with a playmate or playmates. Ducks are very social birds and need company.

**As for feed, what feed are you using?

Ducklings need a 20%+ protein starter crumbles. Ducklings need this starter crumble until they are 10 weeks old. As for water to swim or drink, the duckling should only have "swimming" water with supervised watch. Also make sure the duckling doesn't get too cold from the water or water logged. Ducklings need fresh drinking water always available.
Make sure when the duckling is out of a drafty area.

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