raising a single turkey poult with chicks


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what would you do, food wise, if you had a lone BR poult hatch and a mess of chicks his same age to raise it with. Poult is now a couple weeks old, doing fine in all respects. Do you feed the chicks 30% protien gamebird starter? Do you mix them both half and half of each, so neither gets what they need? Do you just pull the poult out and feed it right, and rotate out chicks every few days for company? Does gamebird starter harm chicken chicks?
Aaron is right. It will just slow the turkeys growth a bit, but it will still develop just fine. I run my turkeys with the chickens (they get along just fine) and they eat the layer with nothing weird happening to them, lol (not growing an extra head or anything, lol) If I do end up separating the turkeys at some time, I would do the turkey/gamebird bird.

Curious: Are turkeys harder to incubate than chickens?
Flockraiser crumble. It is medicated (at least here it is) and works well for both chicks and poults.
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