Raising chicks for 4H


5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
We currently have 5 hens that are approx 1.5 yrs old. My 9 yr daughter wants to try her hand at 4H and has chosen raising poultry (and archery, God help us). I want to get her a couple of baby chicks to raise but don't know how to incorporate them into the herd. Do I keep them seperate for awhile? Put them in the coop so the mommas will take care of them?
I do have one hen that tends to brood alot, maybe she'll take them in??

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
If you have a hen brooding at the time then you can put them under her at night and she should be able to take care if them.....IF she doesn't thought they'll kill the chicks if the broody doesn't want to take care of them. If you are going to raise them in a brooder then I'd put them with the adult flock at 8 weeks.

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