Raising Guinea Fowl 101

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by houndit, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Bulls Gap, TN
    I have hatched out around 20 keets this year and all of them are hens. I only have one older male so was hoping for a few males but I guess it's the year of the hens.
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    Mar 5, 2013
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    Ugh. I just lost all six of my free ranging guineas. I had them trained to the coop, they were coming back every night for weeks, and then something (we think the fox) scared all my poultry half to death (got one of my older chicks too [​IMG]) found the turkeys in the neighbors garage (she was less than pleased) and the guineas dissapeared up the ridge. Found a bunch of guinea feathers the next day and haven't seen hide nor hair of them since. So discouraged. Luckily we have nine more that we were GOING to butcher. so I guess six of those have gained a stay of exocution. Any suggestions on how to keep a repeat from happening or is it just luck of the draw? we're putting up some fencing to try to keep our free range birds away from where the fox lurks, but I doubt that will do much for the guineas.
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    One thing to keep in mind about Guineas is how much they stink. Their dropping are really acrid. Chicken-poop is nowhere close, and duck-poop is positively aromatic by comparison!
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    Nov 27, 2007
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    AHAA! My first round with several guineas in the henhouse. I kept wondering what smelled so bad in there. I will definitely cut back on them.
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    Sep 3, 2012
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    I have brand new baby chicks (15) and another 15 arriving in 2 weeks. I also have 7 guinea keets that are about 3 weeks old. The guineas are in a completely separate brooder than the chicks. Am I better off to raise them together for a better chance of co habitation later on? or just continue to keep them separate and introduce them later.
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    The guineas DO stink in comparison to the chickens! LOL

    Ours are laying now. We go on an egg-hunt every night, and they make yummy scrambled eggs. :)
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    My personal opinion is to keep them separated, as their rations/feed should be higher in protein than the average chick starter/grower. I had my keets on a mix of MannaPro Game Bird starter/grower mixed with Farmer's Helper Game Bird protein supplement - ratio of 5:1, respectively. My chicks had regular starter/grower that was on average about 8% lower in protein than what the guineas need.

    So I didn't separate mine based on age difference or breed difference - I did it purely to keep the protein rations accurate in their feed.
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  8. What are we feeding them as they get older? I only see the higher protein in starter. I'm at the point where I'd be feeding grower/finisher. What do y'all feed your olders? I assume they don't need layer?
  9. kynewbchickie

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    Now that ours are out and about with the other chickens, they eat layer ration and make up for the extra protein needed in all the bugs they eat. Since we turned ours out, we've not seen hide or hair of a tick or beetle on any of us or our animals. They span out, all five of them, in a line every morning, afternoon, and especially before dusk - and sweep the entire 2 acres like a giant bug vacuum!

  10. How old? Will the extra calcium affect them? I wondered because if they are seasonal layers, why would they need layer all the time?

    I mix for my bantams because 9 out of the 14 are boys and the extra calcium is not good for their kidneys. Keets are not out yet with everyone else. I'm really hoping we can get them coop trained.

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