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    Dec 22, 2009
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    hi all just wondering if this is normal. about a month ago i had to bring in my bb red rooster (spike) and bb red hen (red) , they both had runny noses and one day red started screaming so i went to check on her and there was her first egg, also our first egg as chicken parents, then she started laying every other day well when she went back out she dropped to 1 egg a week and she had a total of 7 eggs and now she stopped, i think its been over a week since she laid. Now is it normal for a chicken to lay that randomly or is it possibly because she was in the warm house and got put back out in the cold? Im still new to chickens so im trying to figure everything out. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!!
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    Changes of any kind can upset egg production. The sudden temp change could have done it. Be patient and give them a supplement of Calf-Manna. It is a high-protein cattle food and can be safely fed to chickens. Try it mixed 50-50 to see if they take it all right. [​IMG]
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    I finally got to a point where all 7 hens were laying at the same time. It was great for a few weeks, but then I had to switch coops. This upset them a little, and they all shut down. 2 months later ( yesterday) they finally started producing again. As mentioned above, even simple changes could shut them down for awhile. Temperature, light, living conditions, location ...I found that patience is really the best answer, as long as they are healthy.

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