Rant!!! Don't buy egg cartons here!


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Jan 28, 2011
Davison, MI
I ordered $114.00 worth of egg cartons from eggboxes.com on March 28th. Even after 4 phone calls to them I have not received my cartons. They keep promising to send replacements but I've not seen them yet. The same man answers the customer service line when I call, and he claims to not know how to give me a refund. Very weird customer service. He gave me a second phone number to call to get a refund and it was a bogus number. Every time I call I have to go through the same explanation to him each time. He has no record of my previous calls or any of his promised replacement shipments.

Of course I used my debit card to buy them so I haven't been able to get the charge removed.
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I would just call the cops.
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