RANT. info seekers/lack of background

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    Oct 16, 2008
    this probably has been addressed before so don't reply if it is old news to you.. in fact don't even read this.. I am writing to get it off my chest..

    People who are asking for advice..
    give us some information to go on.

    first indicate a little of the subject in your title so we do not have to open the thread to find out what it is your problem..

    let us now where in the world you are as many times climate is part of the problem or solution..

    do a little research before you are up to your a--es in aligators..

    for instance, do not ask where or how should I house my chicks THE DAY BEFORE they are due to arrive
    or hatch..

    many of you start out by saying you know nothing about what you are asking about,,,,,and then argue with the people who give advice..

    to the people who reply: there are over 20,999 members .. that means 20,999 different opinions.
    don't think that yours is the only one that is correct.. if in doubt, read my reply ,,that is the correct one...
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    Nov 12, 2008
    Hooker, OK
    I object! Mine is correct!!! [​IMG]

    Ya know...opinions are just like something else...we all have them and don't figure they stink! [​IMG]

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