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  1. My poor old car was on its last leg and my hubby was concerned about me driving something that wasn't dependable. So, I located a vehicle online that looked like what we wanted and was in a price range I was willing to consider. We drove an hour and 45 minutes to this dealership. When we got there the vehicle we wanted to see wouldn't start... they put a charger on it and drove it around the lot. It wouldn't stay running, so they determined it needed a new battery. They replaced the battery and we finally got to test drive it, only to find more issues with it.

    We noticed another vehicle on the lot and DH asked about it. The price on it was INSANE according to the salesman's price sheet he had with him. He went and asked the manager who determined it was a typo and dropped the price down $6000. We test drive the vehicle and liked it. We haggle on the prices and get to the point where they won't budge any more. I caved and we bought it. They took forever (we were there from 10:30am to 4:30pm... I wish I would have walked out now looking back).

    Now, this is the part I'm upset about. I looked online and the truck is still listed... for $1752 less than what they told me it started at! How can they advertise one price and quote me a different price? I am feeling very used and angry right now... Am I somewhat justified in my anger? I mean, I know it was my choice to accept it and I could have walked out, so I do understand that I have responsibility in this. Really, it may not have made any difference in the final result... I suppose if they used this price on the vehicle, they would have just offered me less on my trade to get the same result. It's just the fact that they told me one price and advertised another that really irks me.I feel like calling and telling them how I feel or writing a letter to the editor at their local paper or something! I doubt I will do either, though.
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    Print out the ad on the website before they delete it.
    I'm not sure what you can do, look over your contract and
    see. Also look on their website and see if they say anything
    about guaranteeing their price or something to that effect.

    Good luck!

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    Im sorry that you had such a frustrating experience. It is all too common. Unless they broke a law, there is little that you can do other than complain to the BBB.
  4. I did that! I printed it out from 2 sources (AutoTrader and their website). Although, nothing anywhere says it is guaranteed, so I may be completely out of luck.

    I'm going to run out and get the contract so I can look through it... good thinking! [​IMG] Thanks!
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    I once went to a dealer because of an ad then after test driving the car they quoted me a price that was double what was in the paper. They eventually sold it for the advertised price but it was a hassle.

    The laws are different in every state but I believe in some places you have the right to change your mind within a set time period, 48-72hrs. If the dealer is reputable they will give you the advertised price if you go back and show them the ad whether there is a law or not.

    Good luck.
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    Agreed - every state has different laws, but you could contact your State Attorney General's office, but do not delay.

    Have you talked with them yet - they may let you return it if you pay the mileage added to the vehicle. JUST DO NOT WAIT. Call the AG or the owner of the dealership. The longer you wait the less rights you have.
  7. I didn't find out until late last night, so I had not called. We just bought it yesterday and didn't even make it back home until about 6:30pm.

    This dealership does give you a small opportunity to change your mind, but you can only trade for another vehicle on their lot. It also has to be within 7 days/200 miles of purchase... and we would be pretty close to 200 miles between driving home last night and driving back there. There not another vehicle on their lot that I am interested in, either.

    Thanks for listening... I feel better just being about to vent about how I felt. I was afraid I was over-reacting, so I appreciate the feedback letting me know that you would have been upset, too!

    I am a little calmer about it today. My husband didn't get too fired up about it when I told him at 2am when he got home from work. That calmed me down a bit. I figured he would be ready to call and tell him exactly how he felt!
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    Do you have a local online forum? We bought a used jeep and we so impressed with the service that I wrote up a nice thank you little thing about the purchase and posted it in the local forum. Bad reviews might save someone else from getting treated l ike you were. That was totally wrong of them and I'm sorry it happened.
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    They did nothing wrong, especially if it was a used car. They are allowed to advertise the car for any price, if no one is willing to pay that, nothing stops them from lowering the price, or if they did additional repairs, raising the price. You will often see different prices listed in adds. Online price can be adjusted daily. That is why its called SUDJESTED retail price. Remember when the bug came out(back out) the sticker price was 20,000 but most dealerships were selling them for 22,000 used. Try to buy a SMART car right now. Used are selling for more than new, because dealers can not get enough of them.

    And yes if you trade in they will adjust how much they give you by how good of a deal you get on the car your buying. That is how the gaurantee 2000 for any trade works, if they are selling you a 10,000 car, they price it at 12,000, so esentially they are giving you nothing for your used car. If you go to a dealership that is gauranteeing XXXX for your trade, and you have not trade, they will usually take XXXX off the price of the car you are purchasing without needing to trade anything in.
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    You have 7 days to return the car to lot without penalties. Consider it if you think you can find a better car at a better price elsewhere.

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