RANT- Read a friggen book on chicken keeping!!

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    Mar 15, 2012
    So for the first time since I can remember, my animal shelter has a rooster! I was excited to see this and even considered giving the bantam rooster a home. I commented the picture they posted on their fb saying, "
    Aw he would have a home with me in a heart beat if he was a she! When the humane society gets poultry to you treat them for anything?"
    I was quick to ask this question because I learned the hard way about quarantining and treating new birds. Well, the man who gave up the rooster replied to my comment- " he is not a DINNER! he is pet ROOSTER.. Not poultry. Treat him for what? Bird Flu?!"
    Maybe I should have taken the high road but I couldn't. I had to respond. So here is my mini novel of anger fired by this man's ignorance- " I am chicken lover, I have 20. They all lead an extremely pampered life, including my roosters. Poultry is the general term for chickens and roosters as a species. All poultry should be treated before going to a new home for cocci, and mites. Cocci doesn't always show symptoms and can ruin entire flocks if a carrier is introduced. All it takes is a little treatment in their water for a week and they will have a clean bill of health for their new home. I have brought home very healthy appearing birds from good homes and made the mistake of not treating them only to have them to infect my younger birds who do not yet have a strong immune system.
    I am not trying to sound like a know it all, I just want to suggest treating Chick with corrid. If the bird is healthy it does not effect them at all, and it treats the common spreadable diseases if there are any. Just trying to put the info out there so Chick's future flock stays healthy!"

    Did I over-react? Or do you agree that this guy should read a book on poultry keeping?
    Oh the icing on the cake- this guy is all over their Facebook saying he loved his rooster but couldn't keep him in the city, but the shelters web site says that he was found wandering the streets. Hmmmmmm
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    I would say it is OK to have your say,but after that just drop it.No point in the back and forth arguing .Everyone will have their side,and some will stick to their opinion to the death.

    As for illness I know my roo made my hens sick. I had 2 girls get respitory(sp) illness shortly after he was introduced.Pretty sure he gave them lice too. Bird flu? That would not even enter my mind as a concern.

    Like I said have your say in a polite way,recommend some material,and then move on.
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    Apr 15, 2011
    I have known shelters and rescues that completely make up their "rescue stories" and animal backgrounds. Don't know if that is the case here.

    I think it was fine to have your say, but I wouldn't dwell on it.
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