Rare and heritage chickens

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Mon Amis Poulet

6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
Hi, and thank you for having this site!!! I've learned a lot from reading posts here, so thanks again!

So, just curious. Has anyone purchased rare chickens from Natural Ark (Waltz Ark)? The prices are good, doesn't say it's NPIP or rare chicks are Greenfire Farm stock, so just wanted if it's one of those too good to be true places. Hope it's not!!!

Thanks for your opinions!
Quote: Hi Poulet

Yes, I'm a fan of Waltz's Ark and think they are the real thing. Impressed with their work with my breed of choice, the Light Sussex. I don't own any of their birds, but they are on my outcross list if I ever need one.
Best Regards,
Waterford Light Sussex
in western PA, USA

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