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I already KNOW this is going to sound stupid, but I am just confused. According to a lot of what I have seen, my Gold Laced Wyandotte is considered a "very rare" color of Wyandotte and my Dominique is actually referred to as "critically endangered" in one place. Now, I went online and paid somewhere in the vicinity of $3 or so for each of these. That does not sound like anything "rare" to me. Does this mean, simply, I am one of the few people who even wanted one? It just really seems strange to me. They are what I assumed to be pretty common chickens and both are especially pretty so I assume a lot of people would want them? Just really curious.
I think it would just depend on who you're asking. Hatcheries will list Silver Lace Wyandottes as rare. But if you ask on the BYC there may be quite a few that have them. That's my opinion on the whole 'rare' thing.

I consider Brahmas rare because I could not find anybody with ANY, but no one calls them rare. I actually came across mine randomly.
I guess you have to look and see who's idea of RARE we're talking about..... I think those chickens are pretty plenty around here....................
About Dominiques: pure Dominiques are indeed rare. Dominiques like the picture in the Standard of Perfection, around 1900 in the U.S., were commonplace. However, you could probably count those of that quality on one hand today, IF THERE ARE ANY. Such would be worth gold!

Most of what I see with the Dominiques today are actually more Plym. Barred Rock crossed with Dominiques rather than pure-bred Dominiques. These crosses that are called "Dominiques" [because of their correct comb] are not so rare.

A lady, upon seeing my Barred Rock hen, exclaimed, "a Dominecker!" I had to tell her it was a Barred Rock, but she insisted it was a "Dominecker."

Pure Dominiques are rare and are "critically endangered."

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The American Livestock Breeders Conservancy has a list of the rare, critical, endangered and such on its website. And it explains it pretty well. (How many breeding flocks in the US.)

Everyone else explained it pretty well. And the hatcheries--I also have no idea where they get THEIR info.
Thanks......I kinda figured it was something like that.

I guess the hatcheries just want to sell more chicks.....but I picked mine by what suited my needs and looks oh so pretty.
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LOL.....it is actually really difficult for me.
I have yet to see what I DIDN'T think was a beautiful chicken!!!!! I am afraid I am quickly becoming an addict!!!!

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