6 Years
May 2, 2014
right here.
Does anyone sell them? If so can you tell me what you charge for them? I've got a lot of Black raspberries and people wanting to purchase them. I have no clue what a fair price would be.

I realize that pricing will vary by location, I am just trying to get a ball park.
You could do some pricing at local box stores, and then set your price at half of that. You will be offering a superior product at half the rate. Of course, you also realize that you will be breaking the trade mark/copyright laws regarding most named plant materials. Generally, you can trade or give away your plant materials, but not sell for profit. To stay within the law, it might be best to use your black raspberries to barter for goods.
You might check with local groceries or farmer’s markets and see what they are charging. Maybe compare to blackberries or other berries. Base your price on that. That's local to you.

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