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I am not having much success using powdered sugar and plaster of paris with dog kibble in it - they just are not eating it!!!! I have also used the cement and oatmeal.

I have a lot of caged pairs and they waste a lot of feed so I know I am feeding the rats but I have tried to deal with this by allowing several chickens to run loose in that area to eat the dropped food. Can anyone recommend a delicious (to the rat) poison that will not cause secondary poisoning?
Years ago, we read somewhere to feed instant potato flakes in one dish and water in another. The idea is that they gorge themselves on the flakes, get thirsty, the flakes expand and 'poof.'

I did try it, but never found any rats afterward, so I have no idea if it really works.
I like glue traps for mice but they would not hold these rats - they are big. My husband doesn't like cats

I'll try some research on the internet.
Rodents are difficult to kill with poisons because their feeding habits reflect their place as scavengers. They will eat a small bit of something and wait, and if they don't get sick, they continue. An effective rodenticide must be tasteless and odorless in lethal concentrations, and have a delayed effect.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_poison <-----more info
I am looking for some bigger rat traps. I had some regular sized mouse traps and I was catching mice in them pretty regularly.

I saw some rat poop in my laundry closet, so I put down a mousetrap with cheese in there. Later that day I was sitting in my computer room and heard the trap snap, then a lot of clattering and banging.

I cautiously opened the closet door and I saw this BIG OLD rat... he looked really angry! When he saw me, he redoubled his efforts and sort of shook the trap off his fat leg and high-tailed it out his emergency exit (wherever that is).

But I am going to try the bigger spring loaded traps as soon as I can find some. I have had really good luck with them for the most part. It may be a challenge to find somewhere to set them that the rats can get to and the chickens can't, though. They will need at least several inches clearance to be able to work.

I am NOT a cat person, but have 1 crabby gray cat,(takes after his owner)which we keep outside, just for the purpose of catching rats and mice. I think if the rats just smell the cat they will go visit someone else. I'm afraid of anthing poison around since i also have dogs and chickens.and so far NO RATS OR MICE.
I use the repeating mouse traps for mice. For rats I use Just One Bite bars. It works great. They come in one whole bar that can be broken into 8 bars. I leave them whole so they are bigger and the chickens don't bother them. However I am careful where I put them and they can cause secondary poisioning. MY Jack Russell works well too, but needs constant supervision!!
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I have a confession - I am scared of those big spring loaded rat traps! I have a horror of catching myself!

I could use them in one part of the barn - I have a live trap but have not caught anything in it yet. I put out regular rat poison several months ago and found one very large dead rat in one of my chicken pens!!!!! I would guess he weighed almost 2 pounds. ugggggh!

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