Jul 6, 2020
I also dont believe chocolate is as toxic to dogs as said. I once had a Vizsla who ate an entire bucket of Halloween candy. Didnt faze her one bit. She also ate my giant easter chocolate bunny and valentine's candy. Ruined all of my holidays.
my dog ate chocolate when i went to the store and she passed away sadly, she had a bar of dark chocolate and when i got home i saw the empty wrapper next to her and well i tried to make her vomit but it was too late.


Nov 21, 2018
Thanks for you informative reply. I always thought they hibernate. Looked on Google, BBC gardners world suggest moving stuff around in the garden, blocking holes, using rat mesh or wire. I did put rat traps down overnight and block up some holes / fresh digging under the decking. Not seen any sign of them today. But I bet they will be back. I will try the bucket method and may change the feeding method for the ducks.
My issue is I don't really want them GONE. They'll just come back I want them dead. So they can't come back. I tripped over a feeder( an old feeder that is not spill proof) and spilled about 4-5 cups of feed, scratch, and meal worms. The rats haven't eaten. Nor any birds etc. I don't understand that..

I have the large rabbit trays under my feeder. They have a maze under it where they have dug under it to hide. If I lift it up a little they scurry off. I see them running under the leaves. I don't want to rake up the leaves because the girls get worms and bugs under the layer of leaves every so often. I'm thinking of raking them up and putting them in my wheelbarrow covering in with a tarp and using the leaves to cover snow this winter for them to get out more.

Al Gerhart

Sep 29, 2011
Oklahoma City
Thanks for the reply. Are your feeders available in the UK? Would they be suitable for ducks?
Ducks do fine if you add the duck step or make one yourself. You can use a forwarding service to ship things from the U.S. to the U.K., they can handle the paperwork. Just Google UK to US forwarding service.

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