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    I have Nankin Bantam hens, 2 to be exact. Both are straight combs and only one is laying. I also have two Nankin Bantam roosters. One is a straight comb and the other a rose comb. Obviously breeding a SC to a SC produces SC but what is produced when you breed a SC to a RC???? Thanks guys. I have 3 Nankin Bantam eggs in the bator and looking good. Collecting eggs for the next go round.
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    I've been looking looking for the answer to this question also. But as far as my understanding goes, you'll get both Rose and single combs in the offspring. You may get some funky combs that should be culled.
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    Rose comb is basically dominant, although somewhat incompletely. RC x SC = 100% RC. Assuming the RC are pure for rose comb. However, the RC x SC will not give you nice, show type RC, you will get bigger, weirder, uglier versions of rose comb.

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    Quote:Rose Combs are Dominant to Single Combs.

    Rose X Single = All visually Rose combs but carrying one Single Comb gene and one Rose Comb gene, (aka Heterozygous fo Single Combs and Rose Combs aka "Splits" , Like I said these should look for the most part like regular Rose Combes but you may get some with a little Single influence and they would be the " funky combed" ones that Rio Lindo was referring too. and shouldnt necessarily be culled if you are wanting to breed back for Single combs, just dont try to show the ones that have the weird combs.

    Split X Split = 25% Homozygous Rose, 50% Splits, 25% Homozygous Singles

    Rose X Split = 50% Homozygous Rose and 50% Splits

    Single X Split = 50% Homozygous Single and 50% Splits

    Just FYI incase you dont know, Homozygous means two copies of a certain gene and Heterozygous means one copy.

    If you dont know if your RC birds that you have now are Homo. or Het. for Rose Combs. You may just have to breed him first and see what you get. All rose looking ones means he's homo. half rose, half single, means hes Het.
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