re looking for eggs in the puget sound area of washington near olympia


9 Years
May 14, 2010
i live in washigton and would like to try and hatch some turkey eggs i live out near shelton wich is south west of olympia i would be intrested in buying if any one local has some thats fertile to sell
The perfect person for you would be the Turkey Guru, I am pretty sure he is in Shelton. Got banned from the forum but I am pretty sure this is his add on Craigslist Has a way with words that usually isn't replicated. There are VERY few breeders in Washington but where you are located you are lucky to also have Harp Turkey Ranch in McCleary. Both a bit too much of a drive for me. Good luck and enjoy.... as steve always says, "everyone loves a turkey"....

P.S. Sorry Steve, couldn't help it, it's true though!

Edited to add: Do a search on the forum for Harp Turkey Ranch, they are members here.
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