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Sep 17, 2019
Black Mountain, NC
Hi All! Joining in from Western NC and hoping to gather some useful tips and information as I embark on my first chicken journey. Having backyard chickens has been a long time dream and things are just now finally falling into place to make it happen. We bought a new home with enough land and no restrictions to stand in the way but I want to be well prepared before I get started. My hope
is to work on a coop this winter and start with incubated chicks come early Spring. Any and all advice is welcome. I am just hoping to start off on the right foot and avoid any major mistakes as we add to the family!
Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
It's very good that you are researching and building your coop first.
Make sure that whatever coop design you choose that it has lots of ventilation, lots of properly spaced roosts at good heights and I always recommend a fully secure predator proof run that is as secure as the coop so you never have to close the pop door. Give much more than the recommended minimum of space in the coop/run combo and you will minimize the chances of health and behavioral issues and will enjoy the experience much more. I recommend this coop design! ;)

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