Really FAT ducks!!!


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
Today is butchering day
I cried when I woke up this morning and I will cry when I go to bed. 6 of my baby boys will be going to the great big pond in the sky. This morning I went out to feed them and separate them so there's no mix ups and I was picking them up, I picked up one pekin he was as heavy as my old cat (Sid who was 18 pounds) I thought it was just that one ducks but then I picked up another and he was just as heavy! And another and even my three Rouen males were that heavy! Holy cow! That's crazy! The pekin parents are like 12 ish for the daddy and 10 for each of my girls not that big and that's not even the tiny Rouen mommy who is only 8 pounds. Idk where the other weight came from, but the biggest surprise was when I picked up Helen. I mad an OUUPH noise, SHES HEAVIER THAN THE BOYS!!! I think I've created duck zilla. I'll have to weigh her to see.
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This may seem a stupid question,

but why name and get to know birds that are for slaughter?

If I knew I were raising an animal as a food crop, they'd be a dumb duck , dumb cow, whatever...nameless, faceless. Thats as far as it'd ever go. I know the attachments that we people have to things that we give names to.. that makes it like family...not good when it comes "time".

Do yourself a favor...if its a meat bird, forget the names. You're breaking your own heart as you break its neck.
great post! totally true! I do not name or interact with any of my drakes. I named my pigs after meat( those are the only meat animals i have named) porkchop, bacon, hame, etc.

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