Really sad day at the Appleton Farm ( my urban place)

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7 Years
Mar 13, 2012
La Vergne, TN
Tuesday while I was in Florida for a medical appointment my 5 year old called me bawling because our Red leghorn had attacked her and her Light Bhrama baby and Killed the pullet ( has been with this flock since middle of summer and I got her at 9 wks old) and I went outside earlier to check on the crew and witnessed the same red leghorn attacking my Silkie Bantum who was the same age as the Bhrama. I have been bawling. I have a friend that breeds silkies south of me and is willing to take the nasty hen in trade for money off some silkies. But I just can't believe this. The Red Leghorn had started attacking me before I left for Florida. While there the same hen has attacked my daughter and a friends husband who came to help them while I was gone.

Does anyone know what would cause a hen to just snap on others in the same flock and people?
I'm sorry to hear about your troubles
Chickens have personalities, like humans, and some of them are just plain nasty. I had a roo once that I reared myself. He was the sweetest thing! A total lap chicken and he'd follow me around everywhere. We adored each other. Then one day he lost the plot and started attacking me. I actually got scars on my arm from him biting me. Not pecking, biting! Taking the skin off my arm. Needless to say he outstayed his welcome. With a chicken like that it's better to find it a good home or send it to the freezer.

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