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    We have raised chickens for 25 yrs. We only have 4 or 5 just to have eggs enough for our family! All our chickens are part of our family farm and we let them live out their lives. We have 3 right now unfortunately a raccoon got one last month. In the past 2 weeks one of the chickens has laid the strangest looking eggs I have ever seen...they have rough lines going around the circumference and the entire shell is really rough to the touch! I just joined the site and have not figured out how to down load a picture yet! I will do that when I have a bit more time! Anyone have any thoughts about this unusual situation? There are 2 really unusual eggs the color is about the same but the heavy ridges and wavy grooves concern me! I'm worried that maybe she has a partial egg stuck in the uterus...and that may cause the strange lines and grooves on these other eggs! Thank you for any information, Sydonia
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    Body check eggs are usually caused by repairs made while in the shell gland from stress or pressure. So they are probably still related to the stress caused by the raccoon taking one. They aren't anything to worry about, and your hens should return to normal once they feel more safe again.
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