reason my birds aren't laying yet?


Sparkle Magnet
May 6, 2009
Akron, Ohio
Ok, the birds in question are three turkens, two EE, and a leghorn. They have been raised on high-protein meatbird feed (so that they would grow up quick and be healthy, I read about it on here.) They are now 7 months old, and still not a single egg! We finally have some comb development, getting bigger and redder, but why has it taken this long? The low calcium in the meatbird feed? Maybe the heat (Arizona summer, we are getting to about 100 degrees during the day) is a cause? Should I buy some oyster shell or calcium supplements?
With my two adult hens (Leghorn and Australorp,) they aren't laying very much either, but that's probably just because of the heat and the fact that until last night, there were two adult roosters in the coop with them. We got rid of one last night, since he's gone, could production go up again?
I was going to say the heat, and my EE took longer to start laying then the other hens, also they might not feel secure place more nest boxes in coop or move what you have to other spots(if you can). And one time I thought I had a hen that wasn't laying but she was laying and then eating the eggs. As far as calcium goes if you are feeding a good food you shouldn't need any extra.

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