Reasons for green poop?

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8 Years
May 14, 2011
Smoky Mountains
I have an EE that we hatched out in October. She started laying a couple months ago, laid like crazy for a couple weeks, and then quit. She hasn't laid in over a month. Her mother did the same thing, but started laying again after about 3 weeks off, so when this happened, while it seemed weird, we weren't entirely shocked.

But it's gone on quite some time. We did find that she had lice a few weeks ago and dusted her and some others, and the coop, and then again a couple weeks later. A few days ago we noticed she was covered in poop under her vent, and also noticed a healing tear on the outside of the vent. We cleaned her up, and trimmed the feathers that were holding the poop. She has no respiratory signs, so we are pretty sure she doesn't have any CRD's. She's plump, more plump than she was when she was laying, and she IS eating and drinking, but she seems to be somewhat sedentary, kind of a slow wattling walk.

We have one girl who has been laying soft shelled eggs for a month, but other than that, the rest of our girls, about a dozen, are laying pretty regularly.

Today, I found very bright green poop on my porch. Unfortunately, whoever left it, was gone by the time I saw it.

Sooo...I'm wondering what kind of things might be causing that. I know that green poop like this likely means that someone is starving. What might be the causes?
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