Reasons to live in the South


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Nov 9, 2007
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As a spin-off of my dear friend HarlansHollowFarm's thread, let's list the reasons it's a GOOD thing to live in the South. I'll start.

Reason #1 - we don't have to shovel our snow, we just wait for the next day when it'll melt.
Gee, there are some many reasons!
The people are friendly, the food is great, the winters are short and mild(in the Deep South), slower pace of life...
It's all good!
LOL, there are OTHER things we get to shovel frequently.......

But I do love living in the south for the most part. I'm on the coast, so freshly caught seafood is a huge bonus.

Despite the reputation for being a bunch of hicks, I find most people here are well educated, polite and willing to help anyone, anytime.
You don't have to hear someone order "pop" when they are thirsty.
I don't know why that word bothers me so much.

I would comment on the weather here but that would be on the negative side.

Edited to add: can't forget the gravy!
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Yep. When Keith went to the gun shop yesterday I had to send him a text to remind him to come home. I just knew when he left that he was going to get involved in a "bovine fertilizer seminar". On the other hand, if you want your DH out of the house for awhile, send him to the farmer's co-op for a little something.

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