received nipples from ebay. thanx to those that offerred to help

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    Dec 8, 2012
    i finally got in contact with the ebay seller ( i am a virgin at this internet buying thing); they told me they would check their postal service but that it would take time so they just sent me an other order, it took a week, arrived today, and i sat in the kibbutz dining room for lunch playkng with my nipples (ok, i couldnt resist)... but it does look awful wierd to open up a package and take out mechanical devices as opposed to, say, a book, or small present...

    so now i am all excited.. esepcially so for my husband's faraway thai fighting chicken coop... we have put in a large hanging plastic feeder and already i see the difference in waste (the muscovy ducks make a huge mess; the thai chickens dig out a bit, but are relatively clean feeders. we also have a pigeon problem, so this prevents some food theft. not to mention mice/rats...)...

    the water issue is more important since the ducks climb in to the waterers (empty tubs and half buckes and jerrycans) and in the summer the water will evaporate very quickly in our heat... i intend to make bucket waterers, and i may order more nipples... these are yellow nipples that came with a drill bit for their size...
    only draw back is filling the buckets since we dont have access to hosing, we have to fill from a spigot (the coop isnt ours and therefore we dont want to use running water or electricity, nor can we alter anything).

    i now await suggestions for making : a bottle waterer for my hens; what is perferrable, where to put the air hole, how to fill (again, no running water, as we are not allowed due to water use restrictions), and location (inside coop or in their small yard).
    for the bucket waterer, will our ducks learn to use them? should i still keep one tub for the ducks to play in? these ducks will be for eggs (thais love them) and for meat (same same) as israelis really dont like either one although it is considered kosher food.

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