Recipe photo submission contest – Win a BYC Cookbook or GFM!


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With the new and exciting BYC Community Recipes system, we are launching a recipe photo contest for all the cooks out there, and some of you who don’t cook but know someone who floors you with every dish they make.

Prepare a few recipes from the brand new BYC Community Recipes system and then take some pictures and post them as a reply to this thread with a link to the recipe.

You may submit as many pictures as you want and each picture will get a point score: 1-5, 5 being best. Our panel of judges will award points to the pictures, and the members with the most points at the end of the contest win! For example, if you only submit just one "really good" picture and it scores 5 points, another member can "beat you" if they submit two pictures that are "pretty good" and scores 3 points

With the holidays coming up, I am looking forward to seeing many mouthwatering photos. So warm up your kitchen, break out the camera and get clickin!!!

Prizes are as follows:

1st place winner gets a free BYC Cookbook
2nd Place - 1 year GFM
3rd Place - 6 month GFM


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Quote:No hard date set for the end of the contest because we don't know how many submissions or when we'll be getting them. Best case: We get a ton of submissions and then we can close the contest after the holidays. Either way, we'll make sure we give everyone at least a 2 week notice before we end the contest.


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Chicken Livers And Pasta With Vin Blanc

Chicken Livers And Pasta With Vin Blanc

Poulet A La Fermiere

Poulet A La Fermiere

Poulet A La Fermiere

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