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    This site is evidence that American ingenuity certainly isn't dead! Neither is raw talent. I just wanted to recognize all the creative minds out there on the BYC site. I've read through hundreds of posts over the last month or so, and am absolutely astounded at the inventiveness of the members. It's like wandering through a large science fair at MIT or GA Tech!! Those guys couldn't do any better if they were charged with the task of solving some of the problems our chicken fanciers face daily. It's just remarkable.

    Without pointing out anyone specifically for fear I'd leave too many out (old age: can't remember sh*t), I just wanted to give a nod to all the geniuses out there. Ain't NUTHIN' ya'll can't do!! Probably aren't enough Band-Aids and Mecurichrome to handle all the bashed thumbs, either.

    I'm also amazed at the lengths to which people will go to get some homegrown eggs ... and house a few silly chickens. What a bunch of nice people!

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  2. I know! The brain-power here amazes. Best of all, it's allowed me to raise birds w/ very little frustration or concern: someone here will always have an answer.

    And nice, yes, folks are nice as well. :)

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