Recommendation for Screw In Light Timer?

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Dec 22, 2020
This old chicken lady is tired of walking out to the barn at night to shut off the light in the chicken coop. Because I do not have an outlet available to plug in a timer, I need a timer that is powered by screwing it into the light socket, and screwing the bulb into the timer. In searching so far, I have only found such devices for dawn to dusk lighting, which is the opposite of what I need. Does anyone have the solution for me?


edit to add:
It doesn’t mention LED bulbs but I’m sure they would work... and that is what I would think you’d want to use for SAFETY reasons...

Because if your fixture is on the ceiling then this lamp timer would be upside down and that would put the heat of the bulb rising and potentially causing damage to the plastic on the timer and potentially creating a fire hazard...

an LED bulb would be a better choice in this case as it would not generate the same heat.... but I’d test the LED bulb too as some of them can get hot on the base, but some stay quite cool... be safe!
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I think both of these provide flexible timing function. It is not clear but they seem to require a WI-FI connection to program the time function, otherwise may function independently of that connection. Best to contact seller to confirm how they function.

Obviously I should have been more precise with the reference above.
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