Rectangle tractor or (A-frame)triangle tractor?


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Jan 25, 2008

I know it sounds weird, but I was wondering the pros and cons of the A-frame(triangle) chicken tractors vs the rectangle tractors.

The A-frame tractors seem to be more attractive, but I suppose that's personal preference. Is there any other use of an A-frame tractor over a rectangle tractor?

Seems like you would get more room for your buck if you went with the rectangle.

So a 4X8 A-frame or a 4X8X2 rectangle?

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I made an A-frame because it was easier to build. Also, I didn't think the chickens needed a lot of head room, so I figure it would be needless weight.
Well, see that's what I thought about the head room, but that's why I thought the A-frame would have useless space/weight. Because the chickens wouldn't be able to utilize the edge of an A-frame like they would be able to utilize the edge of the rectangle.

Look on my page for our rectangular one. Easy to build. All straight cuts. The only thing I would do different is use something weatherproof for the lid next time.
here are a few old pics of ours. we didn't know it at the time but the plans we used were John Grogans', the author of Marley and Me. Before we attached the permanent run to it and we used it as a tractor I really loved that the pop hole was underneath and the gangplank is hinged and we would just pull it up at night to lock them in.





this last pic is more recent. we've attached a permanent run on it now. I have 4 girls in it now and i think it'd hold 6 easy if the girls would let anybody else into their exclusive club
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You could do an A frame with the tip missing. Does that make sence. Like a trapezoidish shape? I prefer rectangles, since its low to the ground but no wasted height. A down side is you still have to have a slope.
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