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Mar 9, 2013
I have a golden comet who is a year old. A couple of weeks ago when checking on my babies, I noticed one had a very red and swollen crop. It was mushy like a water balloon. So we did some research to find it could be sour crop. We have brought her inside, withheld food and water for 12 hours, gave her olive oil and massaged her crop, reintroduced water, then food in 24 hours. I have been giving her yogurt and acv in her water. She eats layers crumble. Her crop does get bigger toward the end of the day and goes down in the morning but her crop is always bright red. The size of the redness depends on time of day. In the morning, the redness is about the size of a quarter and at the end of the day it is her entire crop. She is eating, drinking, pooping and acting fine. In fact, she is very active. I don't want to put her back in the coop if she still has problems. Any ideas? I would appreciate any help!
Just her crop is red? Any other part showing signs of irritation? She might be having some sort of external parasite issue (mites), reaction to nesting material, or other something in the dirt. Just guessing though. Can you share a photo of the affected area?

This is a picture of her crop. This morning it was the same color as the rest of her skin. She is missing her tail feathers from being a favorite of the rooster. Her nub and vent were red and swollen when I first brought her in. She also had a red streak from her crop to her vent. Everything but her crop is just a little pink. She had been inside until last week. Thanks for the help
It's Being happening to my hen too! She is a 2 year old Black Australorp, but eats the most out of the other two. Her crop is exactly the same as the picture you posted, but her crop feels normal, but really red, bald and dry-skinned.
I wish I knew what what was going on because it has been several weeks now and her crop is still so red. It gets firm after she eats and it is normal in the morning. Even the color goes down overnight. Her vent does get red every now and then but it is not swollen. She stopped laying eggs when I first brought her in but she started laying again the beginning of this week. She is getting very used to being with me so I am nervous that she will have a hard time going back into the coop if I don't figure something out soon. Let me know if you find anything. Thanks!
I know this post is old but curious what happened with your hen, if she recovered, what remedies you found helpful if any etc...

One of hens is suffering from what looks like the same issue and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

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