red featherless butts


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12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
I know I am a good chicken mommy, my hens get plenty of everything, including kitchen scraps, organic feed and all my neighbors grass clippings but.... when I went on vacation this Feb. the housesitter forgot to fill their feeder, they did get fresh water everyday but they probably went without food for 5 days. They did NOT peck each other thank goodness, needless to say they were happy to see me. Egg production went to nil but they are back up to speed now, the problem is 2 of the hens (one barred rock and one silver laced wyandotte) have red featherless bums... did I force a second molt? it is just stress? do I do anything about it or just hope they heal? It is starting to warm up in Vermont but it's still cold (anywhere from 10-40 degrees at night) they seem happy enough it just worries me. any advice?

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