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When I got my last bunch of bantam chicks, I got two red Frizzles. One turned out with regular feathers, the other had the "frizzle" look. I noticed that a lot of her feathers did not seem to be coming in. Then I noticed that the other bird(s) were pecking her and pulling out the feathers. I separated them until they seemed to be coming in okay, then put them back, and again she wound up with a bloody tail and feathers gone. So I separated her and her sister again. She is like a psycho bird and runs and screams when I try to pick her up. She still doesn't have all her feathers. And she may turn out to be a he, not sure yet.

So my question is this --- do you think the other chickens will ever accept this one? And if not, is there anyone in CA that would be interested in taking her/him? I don't want to put him down, but just don't know what to do.

Aww poor thing. What you can try is putting her/him in a cage inside with the others for a week or two so they can get used to seeing her. Being added after the others she will prob be low on the pecking order too. They just have to see her and know she is part of their crowd. Some also say they try adding the new bird at night so when they all wake up she is just there with them. I never tried it...too scared to yet. Sometime I will try that and make sure i'm down there watching when they all wake up. You can always try it and just be sure your there first thing in the A.M. to supervise. A women I know swears by that.
Thanks. That's a great idea and I will try it. Right now the only cage I have that I could use is being used by 3 feral kittens that we caught. I have homes for 2 and they should be ready to go next week, and the 3rd kitten is farmed out to a friend to try and tame her. So as soon as I have a free cage, I will definitely try that. Thanks again! I appreciate the advice.

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