Red Laced White Cornish bantam cockerel (free)


Mar 12, 2019
North Carolina
Hello, all! I have a (about) 16 week old Cornish bantam from the TSC bantam bin. Pet quality- he’s very pretty but his lacing isn’t super distinct. I was hoping he'd be a she, and judging from his feathering a few weeks ago I was pretty sure, but alas, nope. Definitely a roo. Sadly, I can't keep him, especially since I got 3 Sumatra roos with him (also accidentally)- one black, two blue, and no roosters allowed in my neighborhood. They are also available, in any combination (i.e. 1 black + 1 blue, 2 blacks, one of any, 3 of any, all of them- which is probably a long shot, but here's hoping!).
I live in Youngsville, NC, close to both the Wake Forest and Louisburg areas. Any other ideas of where to post him and the Sumatras would be appreciated. Thanks!
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This is Honeycrisp. I think I’ll change the name to Crispin, seeing as he’s a cockerel. In photo no. 2 he was kind enough to stretch and show his feathers :)


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