Red ranger or RIR


Feb 12, 2017
East Tennessee
Just got my order of red rangers from Hoover Hatcher but one is much more red than the others. Does this look like a RIR or are some RR just darker? It also has a black dot on its head.


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Ha. I was just outside looking at my "red rangers" today wondering if TSC sold me RIRs. They were a lot more orange tinted as peeps than the ones I bought previously come to think about it.
That was is definitely more red but there's another one that is a bit red to. I don't know but these things are beasts. One of them pecked at me the other day. A 2-3 day old check rearing back and pecking me? What the heck?
I bought 8 Red Rangers from TSC. One of them is much more red and darker than the others. It is also a bit smaller, but not so small to suggest that it's a RIR. I just figure that this little fella is displaying more of the RIR traits.

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