Red star or comet???


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Sep 23, 2009
Upstate, NY
Hi all!! I'm fairly new to raising chickens, I raise my girls for eggs only, and I got my first girls this past April from Tractor Supply..I was so excited about getting them I didn'd bother to ask what they were....I just knew they were hens! I've looked at several pictures of both breeds, and their eggs, but I still can't decide what breed my girls are...Can someone help me??? Many thanks!! Im also not sure how I can attach the pictures I uploaded so you can see them...I know that would help!
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If you go up to the top of the page to Forum FAQ's you should find the answer to your question there...

The way I post pictures is easy. Go to wherever you uploaded the images and copy the image location url (you can right click and copy image location), then use the image button (img) that is above your smilies (when you make a new post on this board) and put the url between the two tags. It's pretty easy once you figure it out.
Good luck!
Good job uploading the pics! Practice makes perfect.

As for your question, its my understanding that red stars, comets, sex-links, cinamon queens, etc are just different names for the same thing.
I had a hard time telling the difference between red stars and golden hens look exactly the same and I thought they were golden comets, but I truely do not know. Hope someone here has an answer so I can finally know too!

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