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    I just got an anitque Montgumery Ward iincubator and would really appreciate some help in getting it up and running under control. It is a 6 tray model and it has 2 wafer switches on the top. They both have a tag that says turn clockwise to lower temp. There are 4 adjustable vents on top and 2 on the door. The wafer switches seem to be wired in series. Anyone know how adjust this thing??.....stan
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    Turn clockwise to lower temp. Sorry I couldn't help myself. Don't know much about that bator, but someone on here will chime in and help you out.
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    I've been turning clockwise, but I'm gettin' dizzy and the temp is still too hi. ........couldn't help myself. .........stan
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    sounds like you need the owners guide, i have one for a wards electric cabinet incubator, mine has one wafer but has 8 trays may not be the same kind model lz3667 it says about opening vents do you have an indicator light?
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    Watch the wafers are they expanding. You may need to new ones. Not to make you sound dumb, are you sure you are turning the right way. If it goes up while you are turning it maybe you should turn the other way.
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    Stan, That incubator was probably built by Leahy and labled by Monkey Wards. PM me with your email address and I'll send you a copy of the Leahy manual that should cover your machine. It does sound as though you might need to get a couple of new wafers as a starting point.
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    Typically in an older cabinet incubator with dual wafers wired in series such as the older GQF Sportsman 1200 series and the Leahys the second thermostat is there as a backup. The instructions for the GQF dual wafer incubators read as follows:

    Your incubator is equipped with two thermostats which are
    located on the side of the incubator. The one towards the front
    is used to regulate the temperature desired (99-1/2
    o) and the
    one towards the back is used as a safety to prevent damage
    to the eggs should the one in front fail. Begin by installing and

    adjusting the back thermostat first.
    Put the wing nut on the adjusting screw. Put the adjusting
    screw about three fourths of the way through the hole in the
    side of the incubator for the thermostat and screw. Reach
    inside and screw the wafer tightly onto the adjusting screw.
    Next plug the cord into an electrical outlet Turn
    the adjusting screw clockwise until it brings the wafer in contact
    with the thermostat switch and you hear a light click. Notice
    that the pilot light goes out when you hear this click. Now turn
    the adjusting screw counter-clockwise six complete turns. The
    pilot light and the heater are now turned on and the wafer has
    room to expand as the incubator heats up. The red pilot light
    will always be on when the heater is on and will go off when the
    heater turns off. Tighten wing nut after each adjustment.
    As the incubator heats up, the thermostat wafer will expand
    and operate the switch turning off the heater and pilot light.
    During normal operation the light and heat will cycle on and off
    frequently. While the incubator heats up, watch the thermometer.
    As soon as it registers 102
    oF (or 2oF. above the operating
    temperature) turn the adjusting screw clockwise very slowly
    until the pilot light goes out. If the incubator temperature does
    not reach 102
    oF before the pilot light goes out turn adjusting
    screw counter-clockwise until the temperature does reach
    oF or until the pilot light turns on.
    Adjust in this manner until you have the incubator regulated
    to hold at 102
    oF. Operate for at least 30 minutes at this
    temperature to be sure it holds this temperature.
    Once the back thermostat is regulated at 102
    oF, open the
    door and install the wafer in the front thermostat. Regulate the
    front thermostat for 99-
    1/2 oF in the same manner as for the back
    back thermostat is a safety to prevent excessive overheating of
    the eggs (should the front thermostat fail in the heating mode)
    and should not be touched once it has been set. Should it be
    bothered repeat the regulating process.
    Now that the incubator is regulated, slight adjustments can
    be made with the front thermostat. Check the temperature
    several times each day and if it is 102
    oF, then the front
    thermostat may have failed and should be replaced. The back
    thermostat can be used to bring the temperature down to
    1/2 oF until a replacement switch can be obtained.

    I copied these instructions from the GQF site and edited them slightly removing references to the electronic thermostat. Other than the location of the thermostats on the Leahy, top vs. side, these instructions should have you up and running. Just select one as primary and one as backup and go for it.
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    I have a model 624 Leahy incubator, and it has 2 wafer switches it has 6 trays as well. I would recommend replacing the wafers, but instead of using both wafers in the incubator, I would only use one wafer. I only use one wafer in mine, and the temperature in my incubator is great too. For now, you need to turn off the incubator, and most likely replace your wafers.

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