Regarding Frustration for Finding Someone Experienced to Build Chicken Coop


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Oct 19, 2018
My thanks to those that took the time and responded to my post. Please know that I did include the location and I am putting out there what I am looking for. Having faith that the right person will come along. Tired of paying people who say that have decades of experience but construction is very poor and they try an alter most everything that I have asked to be done. Not rocket science and I have researched enough to know what is the best for chickens and their living space. Even though I have had some costly and poor experiences, I still know that there are talented, honest, kind, responsible, listening to what a customer's wishes, take pride in a job well done and not take advantage. This world has changed a bit, but there are still good people. Please take good care of your animals. They count on us and deserve a good life. They are willing to give so much love and hope for, but don't ask anything in return.


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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

I actually don't see your location included.

Yes there is a big difference between someone who is a perfectionist and cares that their work is quality and last a long time. Construction I see on new houses these days... NO reason a light switch should be kinda side ways in $300,000 home... that's just sloppy craftsmanship by someone who doesn't care. And many I have seen are more of shove this until it fits and man handle it verses cut it right type! :barnie

With natural disasters like happen here in California, many of the tradesmen are traveling to the higher paying areas with more demand to earn their living.

Good for you, doing research and KNOWING what you want. :highfive: It makes a HUGE difference in our chicken keeping experience! Good set up are awesome while bad ones are just cruddy.

My husband did help with what he could, but his time is limited and he keeps a full time job to support us. When he does have time his energy is limited. I have resorted to mostly doing things myself and asking for help as needed. But I have been playing with tools throughout adult hood so they don't scare me too much. The hard part is actually making things that stand up instead of collapsing, as am no architect. :hmm Starting small with an open bottom pen was a nice confidence builder for me. But I understand, we all have different challenges.

Have you looked at any of the schools that teach building trades? Our community college used to have one. Maybe less experience but more care about the work and getting what the customer wants right will be important to them.

My husband wants to tell me why he can't do the way I want. I say DO IT. :p He just over thinks things... and his stuff he builds is always superior to what I can do... but I still feel good about what little I can.

Hang in there, it only takes ONE right person. :fl

Weeding out phony's on Craigslist is a challenge... but with some discernment AND patience, there are a LOT of good people you might come across. I'm rural but have 3 CL communities of equal distance I can pull from. Good luck! :)

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