Registering a dairy goat..questions

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by RockyToggRanch, May 6, 2009.

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    May 22, 2008
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    I have recently aquired 3 toggenburg does. Two of them are registered. On Friday I will be picking up a buckling who is registerable. The person selling him is in the process of registering the doe. I'm not sure how this process works. I looked at the ADGA website and still I'm confused. What paperwork do I need from the seller besides a bill of sale? I need to be able to get him registered.
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    You need the actual registration application for him, with the 'sold to' info completed and signed by the seller. If she hasn't registered his dam yet, the box for the dam's registration number will have to be left blank.

    Once the seller gets the doe's paperwork back, you can enter her registration number and submit your buckling's registration application to ADGA.

    As a side note (and it's just my opinion); I have bought goats this way and I have sold a few without their actual paperwork when I wanted to get a goat moved on out before I got all the paperwork straight from the original sale but I don't advise doing this. Unless you are certain beyond a doubt that the seller will get that registration done or unless your are getting this buckling so cheap that he is worth it to you with or without the registration, I would just not pay for him or pick him up until she has the dam registered. It only takes ADGA a very few days (less than a week in most cases) to get the applications in and paperwork sent back out. If the seller is expecting to be "in the process" of registering the doe for a while then there is either a problem with the doe's paperwork or the seller is unable to pay the registration fees right now or something.
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    Also, just a note, make sure what group the goats are registered with, it may be the AGS, which is what I am a member of.

    Many register there because , if a person wanted to register their goats with the ADGS they will do a , like a transfer registration.

    I will tell you this , as long as the person will supply you with , at the time they are sold , the application papers to them from the person they purchased it from , and a bill of sale from the to you, all will be well (AGS).

    I am doing that right now for many of the goats that I just purchased. The only ones that I actually sent in a received the registrations papers for , in my name, are the ones I am keeping.

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